COVID-19 Update

In light of the current situation, the Kildrum Community Council committee has agreed to cancel our planned meetings in April and May. Following our scheduled May meeting the Community Council would have been on our summer break anyway, so at present our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 30th September, when hopefully some normality will have returned.

Throughout this time Kildrum Community Council continues to operate and can escalate the concerns of local residents as usual, whether that is to North Lanarkshire Council, the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Lanarkshire, or other community stakeholders.

Police Scotland have also recently provided us with the following information:

“There has been some discussion on Facebook concerning incidents which took place in Kildrum. I would like to reassure residents that these crimes would have been recorded, but instead of a robbery (which is what the female online stated the crime was) it would come under the crime of housebreaking. Police recently arrested a male for a series of housebreakings throughout Cumbernauld. In this current COVID-19 situation there will continue to be patrols of the Kildrum area as and when necessary but please make the residents aware that there might be fewer sightings of Police as we are trying to limit contact and only respond to immediate emergency incidents.

In relation to the current figures these have been taken from 25/02/2020 – 25/03/2020 and are as follows:

61 incidents have been reported to the Police during this time frame.

There have been a total of 19 crimes reported in the Kildrum area. Out of these 10 have been detected with a person being charged with the crime. The breakdown of these crimes being:

1 Fraud
3 Road Traffic Act offences
2 Drugs offences
1 Housebreaking with intent (This has been detected)
5 thefts – These vary in relation to theft from a vehicle or from sheds etc.
1 – Attempt of people within the curtilage of a home
1 street drinking offence
2 crimes of violence
3 Vandalisms

I would further ask that you ask your community council members to remain within your homes if possible, please comply with the government guidelines on the COVID-19 situation as emergency services.”

Should any local residents require help or assistance during this time please let us know, but in the first instance you may find the “Cumbernauld Resilience” or “Cumbernauld COVID-19 Support Group” Facebook Groups to be of use.

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